My Paintings

In my paintings I interpret a metaphorical scenery of the entire human experience

My artistic project stems from a literary fascination: I, like Marco Polo by Calvino, tell you about my invisible cities , the ones I probably visited and perhaps invented , observing them with the imagination inside the real ones.

I make them feel as if you were walking inside them , walking through their star-shaped plants, half-moon, grainy in reflective crystals or in which thistles and decumans cross each other on disciplined geometries.

In you can perceive the buzz and the songs, the floating aromas, the rough surfaces and the pillars made smooth by countless hands, and in the mouth the taste of the foods tasted along the streets you are traveling with me.

Here, in this living a real in osmosis with fantasy and imagination I find myself , I meet again and new every time.

It is what manages to give me enthusiasm, hope and positivity towards life and humans, in whom I feel the need to believe.

I paint so that my paintings convey a lightness, a raising of the breath towards a sky without borders above cities that have windows and doors that are always open and illuminated.

  • Venduto / Sold It

    A boundless sky

  • Venduto / Sold It

    A welcoming place

  • Venduto / Sold It

    Around the courtyard

  • Venduto / Sold It

    Bright Grey!

  • Let’s go further

  • Listens…

  • Our History

  • Sometimes the Moon inhabits here

  • The light city

  • Venduto / Sold It

    The opportunity of an infinite sea

  • Venduto / Sold It