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2016/2020 As for my painting activity, I took it up at a time of intense inner research carried out restlessly with an experimental approach, in the continuous quest for suitable and effective expressiveness. Moreover, through painting I could enrich and vary my artistic production of creative necklaces as regards both the study of new materials and the jewel’s structure, in order to create always absolutely unique products: firstly bracelets, followed by handpainted leather handbags with applications.


​2015 OCEAN SPRINGS, Missisipi, USA, The Pink Rooster Art Gallery, exhibition and sale of Jewels and artistic creations by Eva Zuccolo in the Gallery.


​2014 SAN DONA 'DI PIAVE, Agorà Gardens, personal exhibition.


2013 SAN DONA 'DI PIAVE, collective with the master G. Di Venere and D. Borin. 2012 PORDENONE, La Fortezza Gallery, Contemporary Art Fair.


2011 LIGNANO SABBIADORO, Aurifontana Gallery, personal painting GRADISCA D’ISONZO, La Fortezza Gallery, personal painting. PORDENONE, Aurifontana Gallery, Contemporary Art Fair. GRADISCA D’ISONZO, La Fortezza Gallery, Collective exhibition "Invitation to Collecting".


2010 CARRARA, Trieste Contemporary Art Exhibition, Contemporary Art Fair. CREMONA, Space Art Image Gallery, Surreal Art Collective. LODI, Oldrado Gallery, personal exhibition. CAORLE, Civic Center, personal painting. LODI, former church of the Angel, personal painting. CREAM, personal painting. GRADISCA D’ISONZO, La Fortezza Gallery, Collective exhibition "Invitation to Collectibles".


2008 CORTONA, Fortezza Medicea Girifalco, collective exhibition. JESOLO, Cavallino, painting staff in the conference room of the San Francesco campsite.


2007 ROME, L’Angelo Azzurro Arte Gallery, collective painting. ROME, L’Angelo Azzurro Arte Gallery, 1st prize "The White Night".


2006 SAN DONA 'DI PIAVE, Boato Gallery, personal exhibition.2005 TRIESTE, Salon of Modern Art, collective exhibition. UDINE, La Loggia Gallery, personal painting.


2004 SAN DONA 'DI PIAVE, "Ortus Conclusus", personal painting in the Sala Metallica of the Civic Center of San Donà di Piave. DEN HAAG (NL), Holland Art Fair, Palma Arte. GENEVA (CH), Europ'Art Geneve, Palma Arte. CITTADELLA (PD), Contemporary Introspection, collective. ALSENO (PR), Voices of Contemporary Art, collective. Palma Arte Gallery. VICENZA, contemporary introspection, collective. UDINE, Galleria La Loggia, personal painting.


2003 TRIESTE, Salone D’Arte Moderna, personal exhibition LEVADA (TV), elementary school, painting work on the walls of the school starting from a project inspired by the traditional fairy tales of the countries of the world.


2001 GENT (Belgium), Lineart, Palma Arte, Contemporary Art Market Exhibition. GENEVA (CH), Europ'Art Geneve, Exhibition of Contemporary Art. ST. LORENZEN IM LESACHTAL (Austria), Stabulum Gallery, personal painting and art objects.


2000 GENEVA (CH), Europ'Art Geneve, Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Palma Arte). LUXEMBOURG, Autumn Salon, Contemporary Art Market Exhibition (Palma Arte). UTRECHT (NL), Art Holland, Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Palma Arte). PADUA, Exhibition of Contemporary Art (Palma Arte).


1999 PADUA, "Figurative Arts" Gallery in Udine, Exhibition of Contemporary Art.


1998 TREVISO, Gallery "Cà Dell’Arte", personal painting. SAN DONA 'DI PIAVE (VE), Boato Art Gallery, personal. PADUA, Galleria C.D. Art Studio, Contemporary Art Market Exhibition. VENTURINA (Tuscany) exhibition at the Fair at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art. PORDENONE, Gallery of Figurative Arts in Udine, Contemporary Art Market Exhibition.


1991 LA JOLLA, SAN DIEGO (California) USA, Alexander Gallery, “All dolled up” exibition, Exhibition of collectible dolls created by Eva Zuccolo.


1989 ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS OF PERUGIA, Award-recognition in painting and sculpture for the type of artistic research and the work carried out.


1988 VENICE International Murano Award, Selected in the competition with the presentation of a project that can be made in glass. FREIBURG (Germany), Schloss Freiburg, personal exhibition of collectible dolls and paintings.UDINE, Opifex, Craft Fair.


1987 TREVISO, "The Boy" Gallery, personal exhibition of paintings and dolls. UDINE, "Morena" Art Gallery, exhibition of collectible dolls (1st prize).1986 VENICE, “Venezia Viva” Gallery, collective of graphic works; exhibition of screen printing UDINE, Craft Fair.


1985 PORDENONE, national exhibition of artistic craftsmanship. Exhibition of collectible dolls and glass objects.

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