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I was born in Udine on March 14th 1965, but I left my hometown at the age of 20, following my inner feelings, restlessly striving for challenging and inspiring environments where to work and express my art.


I acquired solid artistic foundations first at the High School of Arts in Udine and then at the International School of Graphics in Venice, where I lived for about two years while eagerly taking the opportunity to attend the daily work of several printers and artists in their studios, in particular Riccardo Licata’s.

Since then, Venice has always had a special place in my heart, pervading it with a constant source of  inspiration for my paintings.


Afterwards, I attended the Free Nude Classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia, where I was given an award for my satisfactory completion of the course. A great contribution to my artistic development also came from one of my teachers, the Umbrian painter and sculptor Bruno Orfei, who supported me with precious advice.


Later on, I spent some years in Florence, where I discovered stage designing art. I had the opportunity to work for Scenoteck, mainly operating in the theatre sector at that time, and also to take part in the making of Eurodisney Paris…what an enjoyable experience!


In the following years I moved first to London and then to Milan where I kept working as stage designer for theatre and TV productions, thus gaining considerable and wide experience in the field: an excellent training for hand-and-eye coordination!


Paris and Prague…charming cities so rich in art and culture, with their worldwide-known museums I used to visit in great admiration and curiosity while selling my handmade necklaces.


Now I live in San Donà di Piave, where I devote to painting and creating my “jewels”. For several years I ran my own shop / workshop in nearby Caorle, a lovely seaside resort boasting as ancient origins as Venice. There I used to make and sell my art creations, certainly inspired also by the surrounding environment.

It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.


                                                                                                     Eva Zuccolo



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